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Last Minute Valentines That Are Worth The Stamp

Don’t be the fool this Valentine’s Day. Even if you’ve forgotten a valentine for that someone special in your life, and Valentine’s Day is only 3 days away, rest assured there’s hope.

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V-Day is all about the grand gesture anyway right? And there’s nothing more grand than a sweet gift received via mail. Just be sure to search for direct mail services near me so you know exactly where that gift for someone special is going.

·    A food gift card: Even the foodie in your life loves to feel loved. Slip a gift card to their favorite meal or snack spot, into a properly themed valentine, and their day will easily be made. This last minute idea gives the gift of a little bit of food and a lot of love.

·    Movie tickets: Everyone loves a good movie. Every couple loves a good movie, so send 2 tickets in the mail to your valentine to let them know you’re thinking of them, and already have their next date planned.

·    A handwritten note: Nothing beats a valentine with a personal touch for your valentine on this day. If its last minute, and all you can send is a handwritten note in the mail, you won’t believe how much it I’ll mean to your significant other (they don’t even have to know it was late).

·    A gift basket: These days you can turn almost anything into a gift basket, and then send it to the one you love. Nothing will give them  ore joy on this day of love, than a basket with all their favorite snacks, surprises, and whatever else you can think of to say ‘I love you’.

·    Fresh flowers: Then again, there’s always that fan favorite we never want to forget; flowers. There’s nothing like receiving flowers in the mail or as a surprise at work.